Age Policy

Minimum Age: Cats must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received two sets of  FVRCP or FVRCPC vaccines.  

Maximum Age: While there is no distinct maximum age policy, cats should be healthy enough and generally mobile.  Please consult your veterinarian to decide if your elderly cat is healthy enough for grooming or hotel services.

Vaccination Policy

1. All required vaccines must be administered a minimum of 48 hours to service at The Pretty kitty.

2. All vaccines must have been administed a maximum of two years prior to service at The Pretty Kitty.

3. All cat's must be vaccinated for:
- Rabies (over 16 weeks of age)
- Feline Leukemia (recommended)

4. Cats over 14 years of age must show proof of vaccination but are not required to re-vaccinate past the age of 14. 

5. Proof of vaccination may be submitted online or at drop off.  No services will be offered to cats who fail to provide proof of vaccination. 

Entry and Exit Policy

The Pretty Kitty is located within The Pawsh Dog at our 3330 Portage Avenue location. Kitty parents should leave kitty in the car and check in at the parking-lot side front desk. Once checked in, kitty parents will drive to the west side of the building and bring their kitty in through the Portage Avenue side entrance designated for kitties only.

All cats must enter and exit The Pretty Kitty service area in a secure carrier. This can include a kennel, animal bag, or animal transport box. If you are bringing multiple cats, they must each be brought in a separate carrier.

Health Policy

Guests at The Pretty Kitty will share the air with other cats.  While we are able to quarantine a cat if necessary, we do not intentionally offer quarantine services.

We do not accept cats on site for any service who are positive for:
- Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
- Feline Immunodificiency Virus (FIV)
- Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV)
- Ringworm
- Fleas
- Ticks
- Ear mites
- Worms
- Any other contagious disease or condition

Spay and Neuter Policy

All cats are spayed and neutered over 7 months of age. 

If there is a reason that your cat must remain intact over 7 months of age, please discuss this reason with us.  Serenity services my be able to be accommodated on an in-and-out basis. 

Aggression Policy

If at any point during a service your cat becomes a hazard to themselves or our groomer, the service will be stopped or altered at the sole discretion of the groomer.

The Pretty Kitty will not proceed with any services beyond the point of safe completion as deemed by our groomer.   If your kitty becomes upset or excessively stressed we may skip a part of the procedure, take a "time out" before continuing, or end the service incomplete.

The owner will be responsible for the full price of the service, unless discounted at the sole discretion of the groomer.

Dematting Policy

Cats who present for grooming with matted coats will be handled in a manner most humane and safe for the cat and groomer.  Our groomer may be able to de-matt minor matting on tolerant kitties, but shaving the coat short may be the only option for severely matted coats.  

Dematting fees will be added to the cost of the groom based on additional time spent.

Special Care Policy

The Pretty Kitty is able to accommodate most special care needs including the administration of special or raw diets, medications, insulin injections, etc. 

Please discuss with us at time of booking any special care your cat requires so that we can ensure that we have the best team on board, and time allotted to meet your cat's needs.

Cat and Dog Policy

All cats staying at The Pretty Kitty are kept entirely separate from the dog in the facility.  

Cats who wish to, may visit the south side of the kitty club house and watch the dogs from a high perch through our viewing window.

Dogs and cats from the same family may schedule supervised visits between their dog and cat if both are staying with us.  However, dogs and cats are never housed together or left unattended for any reason while in our care. 

Roomates Policy

Each cat in care must book it's own condo space, which includes a litter room as well as living quarters for each cat.  Rooms are connected and we are able to open the dividers between suites to connect up to three suites to allow cats from the same family to mingle.  You can also book up to three suites for your cat if you would like your cat to have extra space.  There is no discount on the cost per suite. 

Club House Policy

While in our care, each cat will be rotated into the club house for several hours per day or free time.  While in the club house cats can climb, scratch, sun bathe, exercise, and play.

Cats from different families are not mixed without specific permission by the owners.  Cats from the same family can be mixed by owner request.