We are passionate about cats.

We are a small and specialized team of cat addicts committed to providing the ultimate hotel and spa services to Winnipeg's most discerning kitties.

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Meet the Team

The Pretty Kitty team is a passionate group of cat lovers committed to meeting the unique needs of each cat that crosses our path.

Drake Baker

Master Groomer & Director 

The Pretty Kitty is honoured to announce our partnership with master cat groomer and handler, Drake Baker.

Drake is our dedicated cat groomer who has devote his entire life and career to improving the life of each and every cat who crosses his path.

Drake began his career helping cats in 2013 at a local cat shelter where he worked with both feral and adoptable cats providing loving care, medication, and grooming while he worked with them on their challenges until they found their forever homes. It was in the rescue that Drake developed his deep understanding and compassion for the unique needs and behaviours of cats. Beginning is 2015, Drake began to combine his natural artistic nature with his love of cats and began offering cat grooming services.

Drake has previously worked in two salons as a cat groomer and joins The Pretty Kitty team in 2019 with over ten years of cat industry experience plus five years of cat grooming.

Drake is not a dog groomer who also grooms cats. He works in our cat-only salon and hotel offering salon skills and services specifically designed for the kitties. Using the most up to date products, tools, and cat groom techniques, Drake offers his cat clients the utmost gentle loving care and stunning styles.

Welcome to our facility

Kitty condos include a separate litter room and living area.  Adjoining condos can be opened up to join multiple levels.

Our guests enjoy access to our kitty clubhouse

Chase the mice and pompoms across our full length climbing wall

Calypso playing on our climbing tree

A little bit of whimsy

Lounge and enjoy the sunshine on the window bench

Looking majestic with a lion trim with full mane and boots

Shy kitties can find a place they feel comfortable

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